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Before we jump on the road to 15X, let’s take a quick analysis of your current condition. You may have been in business a long time or are relatively new. Do you have any of the following symptoms?

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If you identified one or more of these in your self-diagnosis, then you may qualify for the “Roadmap to 15X”.

View 365 is pleased to introduce you to the holistic business organization hub called Wispa.  It is the key element in your “Roadmap to 15X”.  At View 365, a division of Lake Hart Associates, we faced all the same issues above with our clients, consultants, and coaches.  There had to be a better way!  We presented our dilemma and out of the box solution to a top-notch software developer and the results were just amazing.  Gone are the traditional methods replaced by a cloud based interactive system that keeps the client fully engaged. What is the “Roadmap to 15X”?  Based on our experience at View 365 we found a path that literally guarantees success while simultaneously giving you the ability to scale your practice, retain clients, and earn residual income.

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Overcoming Roadblocks

There are so many opportunities to help new clients. Their issues can be sales, profitability, cash flow, bidding, bookkeeping, financial reporting, estimating, project management, quality, material acquisition, staffing shortages, communication problems, and quality of life. The list is almost endless. You are the expert at fixing these issues, but you keep running into the “unspoken problem”. It is called “Organization”.

In order for your project or coaching to be successful the client needs to have an organization that is effective in following your recommendations. You will probably find that the founder of the company was once a skilled tradesman (from plumbing to computer science), started small, and grew to a large business. No formal training in organizational skills, wears a lot of hats, works long hours, maybe even making lots of money, but probably unhappy with the quality of life.

The Unspoken Truth About Organization Projects

If you ignore the organizational issues and focus on just fixing the client’s big problems, there is high degree of probability that the end result will not be what you promised (one-off project or no coaching opportunity). We need to tackle the organization. With traditional methods of organization effectiveness projects, you face the following:

This Problem Will Disappear If Your Practice Is On The Roadmap To 15x!

View 365 is here to take your consulting or coaching life to a new level.  Gone are the clients not engaging in the critical organization part of the project (notice how excited they get when the project shifts to the “big problems”).  The client was in one silo, and you are in another.

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The Roadmap To 15x Puts Everyone In The Same Silo!

View 365, utilizing the Wispa holistic business organization hub, has a 3-step process to revolutionize your practice and deliver results to your clients that will keep them for life. It is all about meaningful engagement from inside your practice, with the client in the project, and his business going forward. I am going to keep this at a high level and not get too deep into all the feature details. But if you are one of those detail persons then click this link and you will be returned here when finished

Independent Roadmap Step #1

View 365 will assist you in installing Wispa in your client’s business. It is cloud based, requires no IT expertise, and runs on any platform (Windows, Apple, IOS, Android). It is customized to the client’s specific needs, supported remotely, and has industrial grade encryption. Training time is minimal for you as you already understand all the principles of organization; you just need to know how to navigate in Wispa. It will immediately transform the way the way the client operates internally, give you complete control over the project in real time and a new way to communicate with the client during the project and more importantly afterwards.

Many Of The Common Features Are


 No 3rd party apps are required for video meetings, chat, document sharing, e-signatures, project management, suggestion system (public and autonomous), to-dos, calendar (individual, group, company).


Productive meeting system that is state of the art saving lost time and personnel costs.


Full integration with Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Docs, email integration with Outlook and Gmail, file sharing services such as Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, and Box.


Works with Slack, WhatsApp, and other chat services.


Real time finger on the pulse of their business whether in the office, at home, working remotely or at the beach.


Personality assessment system helps your client select the best staff.


Provides scalability for their business.


You will always be in contact with the client through their Wispa portal.

How Do I Use Wispa In My Project?

To get the real 15X you use Wispa in your project in place of the traditional organization model.  You still need to customize it to their business structure and train the client but the advantages for your project are enormous.  Consider the following:

What Is In It For Me?

Independent Roadmap Step #2

This step is optional but is a great opportunity if you can maintain 5 simultaneous clients with View 365 as you will get your own Wispa for your practice for free. You now have the power of the WRM.
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It is the Work Relationship Manager (WRM) feature that makes Wispa standout for project management and retaining clients. It is unique in the market and will give you an advantage in delivering results to clients. Some of the features are:

Independent Roadmap Step #3

While Step #1 and Step #2 will generate 15X, you can exceed this by leveraging the power of View 365 and Wispa in areas that you have avoided in the past due to not having access to the resources or the fear of losing your client to someone else. Step #3 will give you access to new resources that you totally control. Once you are certified to install Wispa, you will join View 365’s list of certified installers for your consulting or coaching expertise. You will also have access to other trades without the worry of losing business because you are in control. For example, the community will have:
If you pick one of these, you get a residual or referral fee for the work they perform (based on the legal requirements for the state you are working with). You have the assurance that if you forward them work, they will not “steal” your client for the work you perform. Another benefit is that if any of their clients need consulting work you will be in the directory and will have an opportunity to pitch them.

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